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Special doors

Doors, frames and building cases from GERBRICH Ltd. company meet all the demands on quality, design and technological elements. Up to our door you will know that they can form a full part of your interior. Our doors are made highly functional and will not disappoint even the aesthetic.

Doors for each

Wide range includes not only the interior doors in design hinged, sliding , swinging, non-rebated, folding, but also security doors, fireproof, smoke-proof or noise-proof. You can choose from models leaf with regard to the pattern and also the price. We offer door in several finishes: CPL, 3D CPL,  veneer or other according to your wishes.

Range of sample doors in stores

We strive to offer our clients all the comfort available in the selection of doors. Therefore, we have sales offices and sample stores equipped for you so that you can responsibly choose the best door!

All types of interior doors can settle into the door frame or wall lining. Interior doors made in a design hinged, sliding, swing, folding, rebated and non-rebated.


Special doors

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